Monday, May 03, 2004

Cool, we're starting to see some posts here. That's awesome Jason. I think all of us could move into being more active in many of the things we just discuss. Even more awesome if we can do it together in unity as a small group. I'm actually already very encouraged that our small group regularly helps out at Yonge Street Mission (I know with little help from me so far), participate in church community events together, and even joined in on the city wide clean up event. I hope we as a group can continue growing in this area and really impact the community around us. There's just so much we've been blessed with whenever i stop thinking about acquiring and gaining... On the topic of google, I thought this link was interesting as it mentions how people are selling gmail accounts now on ebay for profit, and this guy decided to give it away to the highest donator to an AIDs cause instead. I hope we as a community following after Christ can be just as creative in sacrifically giving and in doing so we might touch the world around us with the love of God.

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