Thursday, April 29, 2004

this is fabulous! last night was amazzzzing...thanks for everything...
i really enjoyed incorporating worship into it..sorry i was late though,
i never really explained why....i intended to go straight from work at 530pm...but
i was trying to print off my handouts for friday's presentation
off on the computer and was having some trouble i worked on it from 1600-1900.
and for some reason it took me a little longer to get to da meeting place, and i had to stop for
gas along the way, but i was also looking for 'cheaper' gas, and when i finally
got some, there was a huge traffic jam just outside of ikea, so i rammed my
way down yorkmills and somehow made it in a round about way....but felt really rushed and bad that
i wasn't faithful in meeting on time and on top of it all, i made my hubbie worried.
so, sorry everyone for being late... i felt like sherrie in this book i've just picked up..
her life is a whilrlwind, and its mostly her fault for not being able to set boundaries for herself
i feel like that all the time...thanks for loving me still while i try to get my life under control...

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